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Paco Rodriguez Great Night Poet

It is good to wake up in the morning and discover that we have a new day. It is a fantastic magic called life. Everything is there, in the will to make our existence the most beautiful and richest adventure. 
Despite all..."
Good day 🍀


  absence and pain

You left without explanation  I do not know what happened  I don't know what I could have done.
You know that I love you and that I will never stop doing it.
My heart bleeds for your absence and silence.
I miss you so much and I suffer too much. I give thanks for having met you, for having existed in my life for having made me happy, but I don't know if I can bear this separation,
  I no longer have tears and my heart has broken and is bleeding, I showed you my emptiness with the hope that you would fill them with love as I love you.
Sometimes it is very difficult to understand the things that happen, I ask God to help me understand and accept what is happening.
I will love you until the end of my days
  and this I would like to shout,  I know that although time passes I will still love you. I hope that when you read this you realize my love for you..
      I love you, I miss you and I need you.
  You will pass through my life without knowing what happened.
You will pass in silence by my love and, as you pass,
I'll fake a smile as a sweet contrast
of the pain of loving you... and you will never know.

I will dream of the virginal nacre of your forehead,
I will dream with your eyes of sea emeralds,
I will dream with your lips desperately,
I will dream of your kisses... and you will never know.

Maybe you pass with another who whispers in your ear
those phrases that nobody like me will tell you;
and, forever drowning my unnoticed love,
I will love you more than ever... and you will never know.

I will love you in silence... like something inaccessible,
like a dream that I will never achieve;
and the distant perfume of my impossible love
it will touch your hair... and you will never know it.

And if one day a tear denounces my torment,
—the infinite torment that I must hide from you—,
I'll tell you with a smile: "It's nothing... it was the wind."
I'll wipe away a tear... and you'll never know

                                   The sea

hard stone bench  sitting on you  With my back to the sea, I hear the breaking of the waves  salty breeze envelops me
Smell of freedom.
  Infinite you are sea  bed of my thoughts  Your colors, fantasies of my life  Roar with your strength  Sea of my loves.  Sitting here I am a poet  Verses that you dictate  Mere scribe of your poetry 
Each wave a verse,
  Tides are stories  loves and tragedies  But you, always beautiful.  I am a hard bank sailor  Letters by moorings  candles are thoughts  The creak of the old sailboat  They are my insides. Free as waves  I want to live in freedom  For this I have  this hard bench  And you sea, you are  my feelings.


It seemed silver, every morning  I remembered that one time  I fell in love with your eyes  Spellbound by that dawn. Refusing to acknowledge  that was shown in front of me  The most beautiful Mermaid woman, coming out of the sea. 
your look penetrated me
  Woman, muse of the seas caressed your wet hair. I can't  to live without you Without that dream that takes me Every morning to look for your lips. Once, only once I kissed you And now I need The salt of your lips again. Among the waves I look for you To dream of you I hear a shell Mermaid, now I beg you Come every morning To this, my shore To tell you that I love you, my life.

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