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Felix Fernandez Great Man Better Person

The Galician Strain


This bar-ultramarine dates back to the end of the 19th century, almost nothing!  Félix Fernández Verdejo was barely ten years old when he started working at La Cepa Gallega, an overseas warehouse that was also dedicated to supplying boats and had been operating since 1920. The business was not going well at all, so its owners decided to transfer it to him to your father. At that time, in 1962, Félix went daily to the Mirandilla school and helped his family in an establishment that became his life. “My father needed help and in my spare time I was taking my studies. My life has been marked by fire by the concerns that having a business entails. I have had no other activity than that. I remember that we took it very badly, with little public. It would have been better to start a new business because we took it discredited in terms of suppliers and customers, but also for that reason it came into our hands”, says this Cadiz born on Plocia street, the same one where he ran this business.

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