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Former students of La Salle-Mirandilla

     Former students (1957–1963) of the SALLE-MIRANDILLA School in Cádiz have met to create a Group of Former Students

who lived together as children about 65 years ago.


After so many years of having little or no contact, this Group of 10 AAs met in the courtyard of our Mirandilla and decided to locate as many as possible.


Our goal is to meet every month to tell each other our little things and remember past times  (which is a great exercise).


So on June 16, 2016 we met at Restaurant 1812 to have the first Brotherhood meal.


As of today we are about 70 Partners located

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Stmo Cristo de la Mirandilla

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The 1st Meal at Restaurant 1812

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Food Pena Juan Villar


Diario de Cadiz 01/07/2022

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Libro de Miguel Garcia Diaz

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Revista Linea 6  01/04/2023

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Asociación Cádiz Ilustrada

defensa y difusión del patrimonio cultural gaditano

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